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Project objective: To create a center of additional educational training and psychological support for children from the city of Sumy in Ukraine. To provide individual and group sessions where children can improve their knowledge, express their feelings, thoughts and emotions in a safe and supportive environment. To provide psychological support to children and adolescents affected by war. 
The city of Sumy is under Russian siege, subjected to rocket attacks, and experiences daily air raids, as the Sumy region directly borders russia. Children are particularly affected by the war. Constant air raids disrupt the educational process and have a negative psychological impact on children. In such circumstances, it is urgent to provide quick and flexible educational and psychological assistance to children suffering from the war. The Center for Additional Educational Training and Psychological Support is not intended to fully or partially replace a regular school, but to facilitate and expand children's access to education and psychological support. The advantage of the project is the combination of academic classes and various extracurricular activities led by teachers, tutors and lecturers, which will help children maintain an appropriate level of learning and socialization. The project is aimed at creating optimal conditions for organizing additional educational process in basic school subjects, as well as preparing preschool children for school. The center also provides psychological and emotional support to children, teachers and parents who need it.