Сharitable project:

Сharitable project: "Learning Comfort Safety"

Dear Friends!

We are writing to you on behalf of the Best Friends Charitable Foundation. Our organization has developed and intends to implement an important charitable project: "Learning Comfort Safety", which aims to create an educational and psychological center for children from the city of Sumy in Ukraine who are suffering from the consequences of Russia's war against Ukraine.

The city of Sumy was surrounded and subjected to heavy rocket attacks. Many children found themselves in difficult living conditions, suffered psychological trauma, and lost the opportunity to study.

You can read more about the city of Sumy here:


The Educational and Psychological Center will provide children with access to quality supplementary education, psychological rehabilitation and social support. We plan to organize individual and group classes in basic subjects, creative and sports clubs, and psychological counseling. We also aim to locate the Educational and Psychological Center in a building that can serve as a basic shelter against rocket attacks and will be provided with emergency power in case of power outages.

Unfortunately, the implementation of this project is impossible without your financial support. Therefore, we appeal to you to consider allocating funds for renting and furnishing the premises, purchasing the necessary equipment, and paying teachers and psychologists.

Any help you can provide will be very valuable for the children of Sumy who need attention and care. Thank you in advance for considering our appeal!

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Sincerely, the team of the Best Friends Charitable Foundation